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when are they coming out for wii???!?!?!

Not all bad news

I've had my IONs now for about 6 months, played weekly and nothing wrong with them what-so-ever. Seems only people who have issues post on here.

These drums are far better than the RB1 & RB2 kit.

It is so simple!!!!!

WOW PEOPLE! All of you are having problems with your IONS?

JUST BUY THEM AT HTTP://www.ROCKBANDPARTS.COM ! They have a 5 YEAR WARRANTY on them. Got mine fixed after having them for 9 months, no hassle!

ion drum rocker sucks

so.... after tryin to deal with the company on my broken junk i got in the mail.... their solution ....? pay ti have the broken crap sent back, and the wait until the item is fixed, or replaced... 4-5 weeks??? just in time for my 60 day warranty to run out... WONDERFUL BUSINESS strategy u have there.... i would never recommend this product to ANYONE.... THE BASS PEDAL BROKE DAY 2.... indestructible my ass!!! and the "static glitch" i was told by the company that this was a problem with the PS module.... but its cool... after I PAY to ship it back.. they will replace it.... sounds like nothin but more down time without my drums.... AT LEAST I CAN STILL PLAY MY ROCK BAND 1 stock set of drums....

Kick Pedal breaks everytime

I bought the Ions in Jan of this year and we've gotten 3 kick pedal replacements, all 3 have broken. I've written the nastiest letters to the company, but they don't give a fuck. We've been without a kick pedal for months! Fuck this shit.

ion drum rocker SUCKS DICK


wow, sounds like you have

wow, sounds like you have serious issues dude - and I'm not just talking about your drums.

Addition to previous Post

Want to add some more about the ions. I came across em online and researched the hell out of em. Found em at Best Buy locally and bought em on the spot thinking I can bring em back if they suck. Got em home spent 15 minutes putting em together and went right to playing. On the GHWT set I was lucky if I could get 80% on Medium, and a miracle to get 90% or more, that is if the wires didnt break first. First song on the Ions was 92%. I knew everything I did wrong. Adjust all the pieces a little more, and 6 months later I am playing Half the songs on Expert and getting gold stars. I beat the snot out of these things and have had em for almost 2 years now and nothing has broken. And as far as the expandability, just out the box you have the ability to add an additional 2 input sources (cymbal or pad. From Ion itself you can get a "Drum Brain" to convert it to regular electronic drum kit. Plus websites that offer mods that allow you to play GH games with them (they add a orange input), expand amount of inputs(add high hat,etc...), and much more.

Mods to play GH Games

I'm considering buying the ION Drum Rocker for my Guitar Hero games but I'm concerned that it won't be compatible. Would you mind confirming the websites you mentioned in your mail below that provide mods to play GH games?

Thanks very much!

Ion Drum Rocker

I am the proud owner of a Ion Drum Rocker. Prior to this I went through 2 GHWT sets, and due to the frustrations with them I spent $300 on my Ion at Best Buy. Its fully adjustable and expandable. Since buying it I have added a Pearl double bass pedal, with a Roland kick pad, kickbox(lets you connect "any" real bass drum)-total $300, also an extra cymbal making a Grand total of $600. I absolutely love it, and am considering expanding it more. RB2 is my favorite game to play with it because it differentiates the sounds between the pads, meaning I have a Blue cymbal that makes a cymbal sound when I hit it, as well as a blue drum pad that makes a drum sound. I can alternate between the two to match the song better, this is the same for yellow and green. As far as the disconnecting the theory on static sounds plausible. Mine used to do it once in a while but since adding the kickbox and double bass it hasnt happened. Anyone thinking of buying the "Roadie" double bass pedal made by ion. DONT! I tried it and it wouldnt always register causing me to drop note streaks. Anyone considering getting a double bass pedal- DO IT! Its worth it. You can do it cheaper than I did. -
Site for Kickbox and other Ion Drum Rocker cool stuff

ION drums ARE JUNK!!!!

forget to mention..... missing 1 of the bolts for the cymbals, and 4 of the bolts holding the pads in place are loose as well, and there is no tool included to tighten these parts... so off to the store i go to buy a allen wrench to tighten these parts which I AM CERTAIN should have been tightened at the factory..... i called customer service, and of course did not get an answer, so i left a message on their machine.... we will see if anyone even gets back to me!!!!

ION drums ARE JUNK!!!!

i dont care what people say about the ION DRUM ROCKER.... i think it totally SUCKS.... 1st set i got.... missing the spikes, and the drum pedal broke 2 days after i received it...SO MUCH FOR "HEAVY DUTY this is the last pedal you will ever need!!! anyhow, so they sent me another set.... 2nd set is ALSO missing the spikes, DRUM PEDAL IS SOOOOO LOUD its nearly impossible to play without turning the music up so loud you cannot hear the spring/clank of the pedal.... ALSO, every couple minutes of playing, i get a message that says "reconnect controller".. thot maybe my usb port was going out, so i tried on another playstation... SAME PROBLEM.... $300 down the toilet! the drums themselves are excellent, but with all of the other issues these drums have, i would have been WAY better off buying ANYTHING else!!!.... 2 bad sets of drums in less than 1 week.. WONDERFUL PRODUCT YOU GOT THERE ION......

ion drum rocker for Wii

Does anyone know where i can find the ion drum rocker for wii in Australia or where i can find one on a trusted site that sells them?

I'm saving some money for one and i would really appreciate it if someone can help me out. If anyone does find something please e-mail me

the brain is messed up

whenever it is on it just automatilly does stuff, i singled it out because i unplugged all of the pad cords, what can i do to fix this if there is any way?

These are the best and

These are the best and cheapest drums on the market for rockband. I know when I miss a note. Its because i messed up not the ions unlike the stock drumset. Its way easier to put together than the goodwoods just plug and play!


my kit is starting to act weird. i have to bng on the pads to make register. does anyone know any tips or tricks to make them work better. or know the customer support number. thank you have a nice day.

It keeps happening to me as

It keeps happening to me as well. Glad I'm not the only one.

The TRUTH about the IONDrumRocker!

Ok, what alot of people have been saying about this set is not true!
Here is to clear it up::

1) The pads work perfectly, if not it's just your set.

2) You CAN do (drum) rolls on the symbols! +The set comes with drum sticks.

3) This set does not come with 3 Symbols. (Just two.)

4) The set is fully costomizeable .. meaning .. you can position the pads to match a REAL DRUM KIT!

5) You can plug the pads in other Electronic Hardware and play like an official electric drum kit.

I haven't ever tried the Ion

I haven't ever tried the Ion rocker. I have heard good and bad things about them though. Thanks for all the comments on it.

I want one for christmas

we all know how crappy the stock kit of RB1 is espeically the pedal being made of plastic. ijust broke it recentyl after haveing it for a year. i was interested in the ion drum set for the fact that the pedal is metal!! ive seen some complaints but ive seen more good comments than bad but ther only problem is the cost. my dad said he isnt buying anoth set. so as a 14 year old that's not going to i hwill have to save up oney tobuy one myself and it will take along time..... but please tell me where did you get your kits? i need to have one solid site!

Ion drum rocker for $199

that site has the ion drum rocker core for $199!!! its the exact same ions everyone has come to know and love but it doesnt come with cymbals, no one needs cymbals any ways

its 100 cheaper and if you get enough saved up you can buy the cymbals later on, its perfect!

Red pad not working!!!

The red pad has completely stopped registering. I tried changing the cord and tried patching it through one of the other colors... no good. My 10 year old son is the only one who plays it. I can't believe he's playing it hard enough to break it, especially when it's supposed to be a professional electric kit.
Has anyone else had this happen? Are there any fixes? After the initial cost, I don't want to keep throwing money at these people!

red pad guy

It's the wiring. You can either buy a new kit, call the company and you can pay to get them fixed or go on and they have some wires and pads on there and other things that are replacement parts for the ions. Hope this helps

Ion Kits

Ok I have to gripe a little here. The ion disconnect is simple static electricity. #1 what get rid of static? Downy fabric softner. Apply a small ammount to the rubber drum heads and on the rubber on the cymbols and poof problem solved. If it comes back do it again. If you really want to solve the problem put a ground strap on the kit. Secondly as far as things getting loose or you have to move stuff around. Every drum kit in the world has to be adjusted. I play Ludwig drums but have to adjust them and have to replace heads on them. Its part of life thats why it comes with the tools. Keep them snug and adjusted properly and they will last a long time. And remember peeeps play the drums dont beat the crap out of them. Your going to need extreeme speed sooner or later and your not going to get it beating on them.


I recieved my second controller today and it disconnects too

Does anyone have an answer to this problem. It is so frustrating. It seems like poeple start a thread about it and drops off the face of the earth. Someone, somewhere out there has to know what the problem is and how to fix it. Until it is clearly resolved I am highly recommending youi waite until it is resolved or as you get better it gets worse. It has already been mentioned the problem is worse on the higher levels.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I love them but at the same time I hate them with every fiber of my being.

Me too

I got a second controller as well for my PS3. Worked until my expert drummer friend got on the set. Started failing out left and right.

My solution. Get a powered USB hub. a Non powered hub will not work. The powered hub has a ground and will discharge the static build up before it goes to the PS3.

Problem solved but at a 50 dollar additional cost.

I have a 360 and it works

I have a 360 and it works fine, it also is plugged in when it runs if the the PS3 is wireless wouldnt know who to blame. If not contact Ion and they shouls have a solution. They just working folks like you and me.

my controller dissconnects as well

sorry mate, i have no answer why it does, but it also plays up when i plug in to my ps2, controller just drops out and wont register any hits as well, which confirms to me that a patch or software wont fix this problem as it plays up on both my machines. Im from Australia and mine is only a month old, but as you said i only noticed problem when i started playing on expert, what happens when our warranty runs out and where still having drama, considering your on your second controller.


It seems like all these drum rockers are playing up on ps3, does anyone share this fault in xbox or is it just ps3 and ps2 owners.


Wouldnt it be more so ions fault than sonys???? It would be nice to know how ion are going to fix this problem, i have contiuously emailed there support with no answer, it would be an awesome product if it worked!!!!

I recieved my second controller today and it disconnects too

Does anyone have an answer to this problem. It is so frustrating. It seems like poeple start a thread about it and rop off the face of the earth. Someone, somewhere out there has to know what the problem is and how to fix it. Until it is clearly resolved I am highly recommending youi waite until it is resolved or as you get better it gets worse. It has already been mentioned the problem is worse on the higher levels.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I love them but at the same time I hate them with every fiber of my being.

Disconnect possibly due to static electricity buildup

Hi guys, I have read on forums that the ION drum set disconnect issue may be the result of a buildup of static electricity (usually in the bass pedal). You can try grounding the kit by stripping the ends off a wire and wrapping one end around a metal part of the bass pedal and connecting the other to the metal case of a PC or similar product/appliance that is grounded using a 3-pronged plug.

Alternatively, you could try moving the whole kit to an uncarpeted area of the house (if possible) or try placing a rubber mat underneath the drum kit if on carpet.

Lastly, removing socks or wearing rubber-soled shoes or flip-flops while playing may help reduce the interference caused by static electricity.

Hope this helps at least some of you guys.

After scouring the internet,

After scouring the internet, I think this may be the single most helpful comment on this issue I've come across. Thank you for the possible solution, and I am going to give it a try right now.

Disconnect issues

I just received an ION Drum Rocker for the PS3 yesterday. Unfortunately I am having similar problems with the disconnect. I am using my Drums with GHWT, and on the very first song I played, I got a disconnection error after hitting the symbols a few times.

To troubleshoot this, I switched cables with the drum pads and the symbols, and as soon as I did that, then the drum pads would kick me out of the game with a disconnect after a few hits.

My deduction is that is has something to do with the ION Drum Rocker brains for the PS3 and possibly compatibility issues with GHWT? Does anyone know if the signal sent from the symbols is any different on Rockband 2? If it is, than this could explain my problem. However, I have seen people playing with ION Drum Rockers on Youtube with GHWT without any problems.

I tried contacting ION yesterday, and got their answering machine.

DRUM SET lover

I love to own a drum set. What does it cost? Contact me at

Rock Revolution?

I have one of these on the way, and I know it is compatible with rock revolution. The question is.. HOW compatible? Does it still just give you 4 + bass, or does it separate out the whole kit? Be awesome if it did. the RR one is terrible.

Generally happy w/360 version

Quite pleased in fact. I have no problem with things repositioning themselves (though I did torque down pretty hard on the screws to make sure that is the case. FAR FAR more resilient than the stock drums (I broke my 4th replacement set the day they arrived from EA). That being said, I have encountered the problem of the game pausing sometimes when I get going fast, but only a few times. More of an issue, however, at the toe of the pedal, where the 90-degree piece travels down to the switch inside the base, the metal fatigued and snapped at the angle. Good luck getting a replacement!

Pads don't seem velocity sensetive

I just received my ION drum rocker last week and the pads don't seem velocity sensitive at all. Light or hard hit all register the same. I also got the random pause problem when playing with a friend but not solo. Is there a setting to get the velocity stuff working?

Rock Band only registers one

Rock Band only registers one speed hit because the controller meant to be used with it is just made of simple contacts. If you play GH:WT with the stock kit from that, it's a velocity sensitive controller that actually registers hits as hard as you hit them (i.e. soft hits will be heard soft on the game and whacking it will be loud). The ION is an actual drum kit and if you just play it as a normal drum set, you'll see what they mean by velocity sensitive, but no, Rock Band will not register it.

The velocity sensitivity does not work on rb2 no more due to the fact that a title update took velocity sensitivity from ions, it has to do with the drum rocker. it has to do with harmonix.

RB2 Velocity Sensitivity

It's been posted on RB2's forums. An update patch that occured around 4th qtr '08 and 1st qtr '09 for/from Rockband [Harmonix] accidentally disabled velocity sensitivity function when used with the Ion Drum Rocker.

As of yet, they have NOT resolved the issue.

velocity sensitivity, works

velocity sensitivity, works on my xbox 360 RB2 :)


Doesn't anybody read the info on their games? RB1 AND RB2 are not velocity sensitive. GH:WT IS (armored notes)

Therefore, if your game is not setup for it, OF COURSE IT WILL NOT WORK!


Rock Band 2 DOES have velocity sensitive drums.


LOL well there you haver it

RB 1 or RB 2?

The Rock Band 2 game and official drum kit are velocity sensitive (3 levels)

EXTREMELY LATE SHIPPING, No compensation, Ion Drum Rocker A+++++

So I ordered my Ion Drum Rocker off of, and paid for 2 day shipping. This was on January 26th 2009. I got an email some 4 days later saying that my Drum Rocker wouldn't be shipped till February 5th 2009. So at this point, I'm kinda pissed, cause I pay for 2 day shipping to find out its going to take almost 2 weeks to get there. I send them an email back telling them why I'm pissed, and he tells me that he can take 10 dollars off of my invoice..which I feel is a complete slap in the face. Think about it, pay for 2 day shipping, have to wait nearly 2 weeks, on something that costs 400 bucks. Doesnt sound too forgiving. So I write back for the last time, steam shooting out of my ears, and let them have it. Was it too much to ask for a little more compensation, an extra cymbal? A Double bass pedal? A real Drum brain? Even a god damn stool? like anything. Im pissed, and the worst part is, they didnt write me back after that, i FINALLY recieved my drum rocker on february the 22nd, and i love it, buy one. I had some company over last night, and they were smashing the drums so hard, and there is no damage whatsoever. Theres nothing like them. Just amazing, especially cause with rockband 2, theres a freestyle mode that you can play regular drums on, with 5 different settings for the drums. If mods read this message, can you let me know how to get a hold of someone so i can speak with someone at customer service?

Not meant at all as an

Not meant at all as an offence but I did the same thing. It was scheduled to ship on the 6 of july then changed on the web to 27 of july, yep I was pissed too but they can only ship if it is sent to them by the manufacturer. By chance I found it at a diffetent store (for more) but i didnt feel like waiting so i got it from there and cancelled my order. Like most stores they can only ship if the manufacturer will give them the product on time, dont automatically blame the store.

ION Drum Rocker on Xbox 360

I was disappointed to read that there had been so many problems with the ION Drum rocker, there just seems to be complaint after complaint about the damn thing not working! Then I notice something they all have in common... the PS3!!

Obviously the early release of the drum rocker on the PS3 was not as flawless as Sony/ION would have you believe, however, due to an age long tradition, I held out for the Xbox 360 version.

TO MY DELIGHT there has not yet been a single issue:

Came with instructions, Had the drum brain, Assembled easily, all held together beautifully, has not crashed, does not randomly pause during the game, no need to unplug and replug, no static build up, no need to hit the cymbals extremely hard.

Everything is brilliant with this kit, I have tried many electonic drum kits in the past as well as the Rock Band 1 drum kit, and quite simply, the blend of longevity and playability on the ION Drum Rocker andthe years of input and research to balance a product that gives the simulation of drumming and easy of use for beginers is simply a delight. Even at the price, this kit is worth every penny.

Added to all of the above this kit also has a duel purpose, you can add a Alesis DM5 drum brain with over 250 drum samples to play with on your PC, so not only do you get the optimum beginners kit, you also get the ability to learn, advance and create!

It's a shame that Sony (although not directly responisble) once again fail to achieve success at the launch of a fine product, but with their share in the market, I guess they are not interested in 1st resolution customer satisfaction!