The Key Reason Why The Ion Drum Rocker Rocks

A controller developed just for Rock Band has hit the marketplace and can be used on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii and Nintendo DS, the Ion Drum Rocker. It replicates the physical properties of a The Ion Drum Rocker provides the pretend drummer all the experience of playing with a real set of traditional drums. encounter is accomplished thanks to expert guidance from technicians at audio business Alesis - a heavy weight in all items production, technologies, recording and musical instrument playing - who fine tuned the Drum Rocker to ensure it is as truthful towards the real factor as you possibly can. Due to technical specialists at Alesis, the Ion Drum Rocker is a finer tuned piece from the Drum Rocker. Alesis has certainly lived as much as its name in production, technologies, recording and musical instrument design because it fine tuned the Drum Rocker in to the Ion Drum Rocker. If you’ve tried the Drum Rocker before, this Ion Drum Rocker is really a better version thanks to the specialists at Alesis who've sought to give you a controller that is closest towards the genuine factor. As such, the Drum Rocker is crafted to sustain repeated stick hits as you make your way This has been masterfully crafted to withstand repeated stick hits with out losing its responsiveness and sensitivity allowing you to enjoy your game better.

Flexibility and personalization may also be built in the Drum Rocker which you can position however you want by moving the cymbals, pads and pedals. It differs significantly from other drum controllers where positioning is set in stone, fixed and cannot be tweaked to fit the player. A notch above its competitors, you can actually tweak the positioning of this set to allow you to enjoy even more. Nothing compares to the flexibility built in the Drum Rocker which, unlike its rivals, can be tweaked in positioning and set-up. Giving you a drumming encounter unlike any other was envisioned by the creators of the Drum Rocker once it fixed nothing in stone and gave you a set you can tweak to your heart’s delight. Additionally, conventional controllers are made of cheap plasticized supplies prone to degradation via repeated use. No need to be too wary of wear and tear on your drum kit because the Drum Rocker isn't such as the others designed of inexpensive plastic which may effortlessly breakdown. The Drum Rocker was built for numerous playing years, unlike its inexpensive plastic counterparts. Moreover, the Drum Rocker can be utilized over and over since it is not made of cheap plasticized material. ION Designed with higher grade aluminum and top-notch drum skin pads, the ION is a class all its own. These types of pads mimic the tort and rebound of a traditional kit, allowing for a much more rounded, sustained, and authentic sound and feel. Closely similar to the tort and rebound of a real drum kit, the ION provides off a geniune drum vibe - authentic sound and really feel. The top-grade pads on the drum skin from the ION sounds and feels very much like the conventional kit and resembles closely its tort and rebound. Built using the true drummer in mind, the pads on this piece were manufactured to give a more rounded, sustained and genuine sound and vibe. Trust us when we say they feel like a genuine kit and react similar to 1, also as being able to cope with downward strike of countless drum hits, taps as well as whacks.

Much has been stated concerning the now-famed Drum Rocker that in a nutshell can be described to just how much it feels like the real thing which is ideal for those regarding to begin a profession in drumming, music writing or perhaps these considering of purchasing her or his own set. Furthering this innovation An additional plus to the Drum Rocker is that it isn't confined to merely reading Rock Band modules. This In fact, the Drum Rocker can be utilized as a live drum kit by merely inserting an electronic drum kit thus converting it to an independent piece which can be utilized to produce an entire variety of sounds. Thus, the ION Drum Rocker is more than a simple game controller; it’s a viable musical instrument able to withstanding the demands of expert drummers in a live setting regardless of the kind of music being played. As a result, even professionals have an excellent time using the ION Drum Rocker because not just is it a game gadget but a musical instrument that may live up the demands of even the most rockin’ of drummers. More than only a video game controller, the ION is really a must even for professional drummers. From the video game planet to genuine life settings, the ION Drum Rocker is really a viable music instrument.

We’re certain the foregoing has given you over sufficient reason to truly say that the ION Drum Rocker is an investment properly worth it.